A Gardeners Story

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Carol, an avid gardener, revisits some of the experiences throughout her life that shaped her into who she is today. You will be entertained and inspired by the challenges she faced to make her dreams a reality and get her to where she always wanted to be. If you enjoy a good laugh, gardening, nature, and working outdoors you are sure to enjoy this collection. No matter what your dreams are, these stories of hope and persistence will inspire you to keep reaching until you achieve your dreams as well.


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A Story Behind the Story

I have a long history in gardening. As a young child, my father was a strawberry farmer and I loved to garden with him. Later years I opened a floral shop and greenhouse growing annuals with a large cut garden out back of every flower you could imagine. People loved to come pick their flowers out for a smashing bouquet. I had a flower truck with all the fresh cut flowers picked daily that would drive around the rich part of town ringing a bell like the ice cream truck was coming except adults would run out to greet it. After selling my business I was hired by a few companies as a landscape designer then went on to work as a Senior Groundskeeper (Read my new book The Groundskeeper Revisited ) at Central Michigan University from there on to Nursing. At this time, I was 48 thinking a career change would be nice as the physical part of my job was starting to take a toll on my body, but going to college was a game changer for me at that age.

After graduation and working as a nurse, I became ill and a near-death experience crushed my nursing career as memory loss and depression took a toll on me. My husband also a nurse decided we needed to travel and show me what beauty our country had to offer. Over those six years of traveling from hospital to hospital, I enjoyed the beauty through my eyes and held those pictures in my mind to paint someday. He had thirteen-week assignments so we moved around a lot so I never had the inspiration to paint being so unsettled. We found a permanent place finally and it had a storage shed that was perfect to set up a little area to paint. Oil paint smells so bad so this was perfect. I painted several pictures until we had to move once again for my husband’s job.

6 thoughts on “A Gardeners Story

  1. My thoughts for today,
    Amazes me I can have painters block just like a writer’s block. I tried to paint to day and nothing in my mind was cooperating. I have never sold my paintings but give them away to friends. Maybe someday they will be for sale. My closet is getting full.

  2. So excited to complete the cover. This little gal that is on the cover has warmed my heart. Yes! I have permission to use this photo. So nice to see children explore different interests other than electronics. Thank you for your support.

  3. Looking over some of my gardening groups on Facebook I had come across a picture of a young girl helping her Grammy in the garden. I would love to use that photo for my book cover. I will reach out to her for permission to use it.

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